Alfie Deyes says Taste Original is “Unbelievable!”

Taste Original snacks are proving to be a huge hit, if social media is anything to go by… a recent post by popular You tube Vlogger Alfie Deyes, sees Alfie out and about for the day with his friends skateboarding.

Whist travelling in between skate parks the boys can be seen grabbing lunch on the go. Alfie and his fellow influencers can be seen buying supplies from their local store, with one of the lads grabbing a pack of Taste Original Chicken Satay.

Alfie called out the Taste Original brand by saying to his friend ‘That looks, Unbelievable” as he looked on with envy at his friends’ lunch, a handy pack of 12 Mini Taste Original satay. Well Alfie, we can confirm not only does it look unbelievable; it tastes it too!”

Alfie has over 5.5m subscribers to his you tube channel clearly shows he has a strong connection with his audience and with over 480 million views to date, is a real scoop for our brand to be picked up by such a well-known influencer.

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