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Welcome to Taste Original, the home of great tasting meat snacks. Here you can take a look at our authentic chicken satay, kebabs and meat snacks. Food to go has never tasted so good and our range of authentic satay and kebabs pack a punch – that will have you reaching for that stick one more time!

Chicken Satay Pioneers...

We’re the original pioneers of Indonesian style pre-packed chilled chicken satay, bringing the taste of the east to UK shores since 1998. We’ve built our reputation on quality, taste and innovation. Here at Taste Original we’re committed to bringing you the latest meat snacking trends in convenient pack formats, that fit your lifestyle.

Partners in Taste

Imagine, if you only had the time… to scour the globe for snacking inspiration? Thankfully we’ve done it for you and we’re here to share our discoveries with you. Why not discover something new with us today?
Chicken Satay Serving Suggestion
Chicken Satay Food to Go

Rush hour ready

We’re all super busy these days and we know mealtimes can often be a rush. That’s why our snacks are convenient, easy to eat, satisfying and packed with flavour.Ideal for people with busy lifestyles, we’re always on hand with a range of perfectly portioned food to go snacks, all served up on handy skewers, so there’s no mess.

Take us out

Taste Original products are ready to eat and suitable for all occasions. Take us with you on the go, just pop us in your bag or lunchbox for an authentic street food style snack anytime, anywhere.

Protein Packed

Our snacks are high in protein and provide a simple bite sized way to boost your daily intake. No matter if you’re growing up or bulking up, we’re your tasty, instant eat protein snack. Perfect straight off the skewer, so there’s nothing left for you to do but ‘get stuck in’.
Chicken Satay Dip and Share

Made to Share

Taste Original snacks are perfect for sharing, whether you’re looking for a quick and easy addition to a picnic, buffet or evening meal, our range has something for you.

So the next time you’re planning a get together, look no further than Taste Original, perfect for sharing with friends and family.

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Mini Chicken Satay and Chilli Dip